Be in the Know: Turn Data into Knowledge

With over 250 combined years of experience, in urban data related fields, our mostly highly experienced and educated team, based in Accra & London, crunches through petabytes of data and works in an integrated manner to turn urban Big Data into actionable knowledge.

Location Suitability Analysis

Urban Big Data & Predictive Analysis

Query Response - Whatever your spatial query, we'll return the best answer.

Demographic Market Analysis - Let us point you to the right people in the right place

Our process - the CITY formula


We immersing ourselves in your world and make sure we see the destination you're trying to get to.


Through intelligent insight and deep understanding we'll use our human and computer intelligence to find a solution that works for you.

Technical Test

In a timely manner, we'll test our output until it can be tested no more to ensure that the result we give you is the best it could ever be.


We'll deliver our output to you, just as you want it in a format that suits you.


All our core skills sets are delivered by our in-house teams enabling us to keep control and deliver proven quality through all areas of business.