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The Geospatial, Geocivic, Geosocial Company

We craft and create software as a service solutions that let you speak to, serve, and understand your community.

What We Do

Walulel Limited - Geospatial


Geospatial Intelligence to help users understand the quality of every neighbourhood, postcode or zip code.

Walulel Limited - Geosocial


Geospatial social networking to connect people to places.

Walulel Limited - Geocivic Interaction

Geocivic Interaction

Geocivic services to unite professionals with their populace.

Our Solutions

Walulel - wa-insight

WaInsight is Walulel’s Geospatial Intelligence Platform. The platform enables Residential Real Estate market participants to understand the quality of every neighbourhood, postcode or zip code.

Walulel - wa-communicate

WaCommunicate is Walulel’s Geosocial Communication Platform. It’s a social network designed for the neighbourhood community

Walulel - wa-patron

WaPatron is Walulel’s Geocivic Patronage Platform. It’s a localised couponing service to enable business that serve a neighbourhood to reach community clientele.

Walulel - wa-artisan

WaArtisan is Walulel’s Geocivic Maintenance Platform. It’s an atlas of artisans recommended by and trusted within the communities they serve.

Who We Work With

Walulel - Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agents
Walulel - Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Developers
Walulel - Retail Customers
Walulel - Sharing Economy Platform
Sharing Economy Platforms
Walulel - Facility Managers
Facility Managers
Walulel -Artisans And Tradesman
Artisans and Tradespeople

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