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Learn more about Walulel: The Geospatial, Geocivic, Geosocial Company.


Walulel is a London and Accra-based technology company that focuses on progressing knowledge towards wisdom for our customers. We do this by making the most out of data. Day in, day out, we at Walulel connect data relating to place, space, passage, and dominion to those who need it, to help deliver benefits to the built environment.

The Teams

Walulel GeoSpatial

The Geospatial Team

The brains behind WaInsight, a revolutionary new web platform that allows anyone to find out anything and everything they’d ever wanted to know about their neighbourhood. We provide hyper-local, accurate location information at the click of a button.

Walulel GeoSocial

The Geosocial Team

The minds responsible for WaCommunicate, a digital service that enhances communication within residential communities by allowing communities to share information safely within their community, geotag maintenance incidents, whilst property and building managers can broadcast news to the community and streamline their communication channels.

Walulel GeoSocial

The Geocivic Team

The collective smarts behind WaArtisan and WaPatron bring places and people together to make lives easier by delivering tantalising digital tools to enable urban residents to get things that need doing, done, and get easy access to the goods and services they desire.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is simple: We want to change the way people look at and understand cities for the better. We strongly believe that the problems cities face are multidimensional in nature and require an appreciation of the social, economic and environmental factors that make up a city.

By providing data-driven insights, AI augmented citizen engagement and trust enhanced communication, we want to help better connect people with the amenities they value, in locations they love, to benefit the communities they belong to.

Our Clients

At Walulel, we work with an exhaustive list of entities including the following:

Walulel - Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agents
Walulel - Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Developers
Walulel - Retail Customers
Walulel - Sharing Economy Platform
Sharing Economy Platforms
Walulel - Government Authorities
Government Authorities
Walulel - Estate Managers
Estate Managers
Walulel - Long and Short Term Renters
Long and Short Term Renters

Our Skills Stack

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