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Below are a few questions that we have answered for you.

Walulel Limited - Frequently Asked Questions

We want to know if you are unhappy about your experience with our products. The best way to get in touch with us is to email us with your Customer Service request at and we will be happy to address your concern(s) within 72 hours.

If you would like to give us feedback on a visit or any part of your experience of our packages or services, please write to Once we have reviewed your feedback, a member of our support team will respond to your query within 72 hours.

If you forget your password, follow this link Forgotten password or you can find it on our homepage. A link to change your password will be sent to your e-mail. All you have to do then is follow the instructions that you’ll see there. As we’re committed to protecting your privacy here’s a word to the wise./p>

From the moment you receive the link to reset your password, you’ll have one hour (1/hr) to complete the password change process. We do this to minimise the risk that your account can be altered by someone who isn’t you.

The information you provided, when you created an account with Walulel can be changed, by you, at any time. Simply log into your account and change the necessary details. Don’t forget to click on “SAVE” after updating whatever you may need to update.

You choose the desired product and if you don’t have any active subscription to the product, you click on the upgrade button. You will be invited to create an account as a paying user or sign-up as a free user. You then simply follow the instructions through until you receive confirmation that the purchase has been made.

You can purchase any one package from one, or all, of our “Products”: WaInsight, WaCommunicate and WaEngage. You cannot however subscribe to, or purchase, two or more packages of the same product.

We accept all major credit cards which include: Visa, MasterCard or debit cards with the Visa/MasterCard logo.

This could be due to 2 reasons. Either

  • a) your confirmation email has been filtered to your spam folder, please check your spam/junk email folder and mark the email as “not spam/junk” or

  • b) your payment may not have been successfully processed, in which case we advise waiting for up to 6 hours after which we advise that you email so that we can confirm is the payment has been received by our payments processor.

Yes, you can. Just write to Please be aware however that, you can only change your package after exhausting the temporal allocation associated with your purchased package. In the event your new desired package requires a balancing payment to be made, we will either refund or invoice you for the difference.

Just write to us at and we’ll reimburse you within 7 working days. You will be refunded a sum between 1/12th and 11/12ths depending on the number of entire calendar months access to the package you purchased, that you are seeking to forgo.

So, for example, let’s assume you, “A. Customer” has purchased a package called “WaExample” priced at £12,000 per annum on the 3rd of January and wanted a refund on the 21st of January, we would refund you 11/12ths of the £12,000 price sum being £11,000 as January would not be a complete month in which you did not have access to the package you purchased.

If “A. Customer” had signed up to WaExample priced at £12,000 per annum on the 3rd of January and wanted a refund as notified to us on the 1st of February, we would refund you 10/12ths of the £12,000 price sum being £10,000 as January and February would not be complete months in which you did not have access to the package you purchased.

The instructions to activate your account will be sent to your email once you have submitted the registration form. If you did not receive this email, your email service provider’s mailing software may be blocking it. You can try checking your junk / spam folder or contact us at

After your logon on Home page. On the Walulel Home page, hover the mouse on the menu icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then click on “PRODUCTS”. This link will lead to the products section. For more information and help contact us at

  • Go to Sign up page
  • Fill in your full name, email address, preferred username, password, confirm password.
  • Next check “I’m not a robot” if you are not a robot.
  • Next check “Terms & Conditions of Use” if you agree with them.
  • And then click “Create Account”