Walulel Limited

We are the insight providers

into all of London neighbourhoods. We use over 200 combined
years of expertise in city planning, data science, property law and
urban design to collect and analyse city-related data.


Walulel is a London and Accra-based technology company that utilizes publicly available and proprietary data, algorithms, academia and analysis to allow tenants residents, landowners, developers and estate agents to better understand London.

We have made it our mission to provide insight into all of London neighbourhoods. We use over 200 combined years of expertise in city planning, data science, property law and urban design to collect and analyse city-related data. This lets us transform that data into information. We then add a dash of our own insight and as if by magic information is transformed into knowledge – and we all know that knowledge is power.

As a company we have three divisions that help us help clients in the following areas: Geospatial Intelligence, Geosocial Management and GeoPolitical Engagement.

Geospatial team are the brains behind WaInsight. WaInsight is the revolutionary new web platform that allows anyone to find out anything and everything they’d ever wanted to know about their neighbourhood. We provide hyper-local, accurate location information at the click of a button, so that you can answer everyday questions such as "if I live in Battersea how likely will I be able to get a seat on the 9am train to Waterloo from Clapham Junction”, to the more complex questions such as what is the average price per square foot of two bedroom accommodation in Bounds Green. Whatever your question, WaInsight has the answer.

Geosocial Management division, are the minds responsible for WaCommunicate. WaCommunicate is a digital service that enhances communication within residential communities. By facilitating geofenced communication, in less than 3 clicks, WaCommunicate allows communities to share information safely within their community and geotag maintenance incidents, whilst property and building managers can broadcast news to the community and streamline their communication channels.

GeoLocal Communication department, are the masterminds behind our cyber citizen engagement called WaEngage. WaEngage is artificial intelligence boosted web service that gives any decision-maker the power to engage with a curated citizenry, audience or community and gather, sort and analyse feedback or responses with greater speed and accuracy than ever before. WaEngage literally enables more effective decision making.


Our ethos is simple: We want to change the way people look at and understand cities for the better. We strongly believe that the problems cities face are multidimensional in nature and require an appreciation of the social, economic and environmental factors that make up a city. By providing data-driven insights, AI augmented citizen engagement and trust enhanced communication, we want to help better connect people with the amenities they value, in locations they love, to benefit the communities they belong to.


We work with:

  • Sharing-Economy Businesses: to differentiate themselves from their many competitors by allowing their users to view Walulel's analysis.
  • Real Estate Developers: to advise them regarding the influence and effect of previously unconsidered data measures on land values.
  • Long and Short-Term Residents: to connect people with the amenities they value.
  • Estate Agents: to help provide them with granular quantitative and qualitative knowledge about the neighbourhoods they represent.
  • Commercial Relocators: to ensure that their clients are located in the best places possible to serve their needs and customers.
  • Estate Managers: to better connect them with the tenants of their building.
  • Governance Authorities: to enable swifter easier interaction with those they serve.


Our aim is to introduce you to your locale like you've never known it by using data in clever ways to provide answers to age old questions and uncover correlations most of us never knew existed. One day we hope to do this in all major cities on Earth. Please do get in touch if you want to join us, give us an idea of something you’d like to see measured or even just to share your views, we’re always happy to listen.